Thursday, October 02, 2003
I listened to a Canadian on public radio talk about how America had ruined Iraq. Are people really this obtuse? Does living in a free and decadent society ensure that the majority will have a thoroughly jaundiced view of enslaved peoples? How easy is it to suppose that an Iaqi living in fear of torture or death under Saddam prefers that to "ruination" at the hands of the Americans? It is as if the Canadian speaker views the Iraqi as fundamentally different in their humanity. The Iaqi has grown accustomed to seeing countrymen and family members disappear or grace the doorstep dead, and the imperialist Americans presume to think that the Iraqi wants a different life. The Canadian and most Europeans take a more comfortable view that the Iraqi has a life more suited to the ways of the Arab world. Far more diplomatic to let the Iraqi's decide their own fate without interference from the outside. Coincidentally, this course diplomatically excuses the complacency and complicity of the free Westerner while perputating Iraqi misery. Convenient. And then the Americans had to go and do something. The outrage. So many were so content in their complacency and complicity. Not very considerate of the Americans.

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